Creative Resilience, Community Building and Wellness Workshops for Team, Staff and Students

Art based Well-Being & Arts Based Occupational Therapy training for health professionals

Group Program for  visual arts and songwriting and singing groups

Individuals and Group Supportive Coaching and Counselling

Grant writing, Visioning and Partnership Building


Isabel Fryszberg is the founder of Creative Works Studio, the innovative, arts based, occupational therapy program which she ran for over a decade in her role as creative lead at St. Michael’s Hospital for adults living with mental health and addiction issues. Applying her professional skills as an artist, filmmaker, musician and occupational therapist Isabel fluidly intergrates these disciplines to help people build resilience and health by engaging their creative abilities.

“When I’m doing the music, I’m never sick,” says band member Courtney Marshall, who has bipolar disorder and depression. “I’m right there, doing my job as an artist. It’s just what I want to do.”

In  collaboration with research scientist Janet Parsons at St. Michael's Hospital, and the members of the studio she produced  the  documentary film, What's Art Got To Do With It? which aired on CBC documentary channel and was featured at the Female Eye Festival.  She also created a music album called "Coming Out of Darkness"  (See reviews)


Isabel has a Cross Appointment Status Lecturer position at the University of Toronto in the Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Medicine.  She provides multimedia presentations in Arts and Health within the department of Occupational Therapy and Inter-professional Educational Program.



As a filmmaker her documentaries are both personal and educational celebrating the strength of the human spirit .  In Search of Joy ; Memories that Sing; and What's Art Got To Do With It?  

These films are used at colleges, universities and public gatherings as inspirational educational and healing tools.


2016 Acknowledging AWESOME ACTS in Occupational Therapy - OSOT

2011 Advancing Occupational Therapy Practice Award,  University of Toronto, 

2010 - 2011 Health Disciplines Clinical Excellence Award, St. Michael’s Hospital


Isabel is applying her Arts Based Well-Being into new frontiers. In collaboration with St. Michael's Hospital Research Team (Clara Juando-Prats, Janet Parsons, Flora Matheson) Isabel is creating and implementing arts based well-being approaches and programming, working with women with gambling issues at Jean Tweed Center and Fred Victor Mission.