Building Resilience and Health Through Creative Engagement

“If you came for the voice and the heartbreak, Isabel delivers the goods with an uncommon authenticity.”

— Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Magazine Canada

Ethereal, nature-based forms dancing on mylar

Isabel Fryszberg is a visual artist, a singer songwriter, documentary filmmaker and an arts-based occupational therapist. Each of these disciplines informs her work. She is called to create by an emotion, a story, or by nature. She fluidly combines all her art practices for community engagement and building resilience.


ROOTS MUSIC CANADA Venus Talks: An Interview with Isabel Fryszberg Part one— by Lenka Lichtenberg

“Do you ever listen to people like Shelagh Rogers and Eleanor Wachtel interviewing people on the CBC and think to yourself, "I'd barely heard of that person but now I want to read that book"? Well, Lenka Lichtenberghas that gift too. Her new feature, Venus Talks, is a series of in-depth conversations with women making music, and this first one will make you fall in love with Isabel Fryszberg Music.” Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada

ROOTS MUSIC CANADA Venus Talks: An Interview with Isabel Fryszberg Part two— by Lenka Lichtenberg

Yesterday on Roots Music Canada, we debuted Venus Talks, a new feature by award-winning artist Lenka Lichtenberg, which will feature in-depth interviews with female musicians from across Canada.  Here is part two of her conversation with Isabel Fryszberg.