ROOTS MUSIC CANADA Venus Talks: An Interview with Isabel Fryszberg Part one— by Lenka Lichtenberg

“Do you ever listen to people like Shelagh Rogers and Eleanor Wachtel interviewing people on the CBC and think to yourself, "I'd barely heard of that person but now I want to read that book"? Well, Lenka Lichtenberghas that gift too. Her new feature, Venus Talks, is a series of in-depth conversations with women making music, and this first one will make you fall in love with Isabel Fryszberg Music.” Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada

ROOTS MUSIC CANADA Venus Talks: An Interview with Isabel Fryszberg Part two— by Lenka Lichtenberg

HEARTS AND ARROWS  Isabel and The Uncommons

“…it was only a matter of time until sparkplug Isabel Fryszberg made her solo recording debut. Hearts and Arrows is allegedly autobiographical, a musically diverse collection of musings on love found, love that’s become expired,broken or lost, love that should have been…if you came for the voice and the heartbreak, Isabel delivers the goods with an uncommon authenticityLenny Stoute- Cashbox Magazine Canada

Isabel is a strong songwriter, with material ranging from the double-entendres of “A Man That Can Drive” to the retro jazz of “New Moon” and the haunting “Something Sacred”. She sure hits the target New Canadian Music Review by Kerry Doole

In the old days tracks like these were produced with a nod towards each being a single 45 rpm material – released as stand alone hits. It’s ingenious how each song has that quality

There’s a small shoe rack tucked beside the apartment door that’s home to singer-songwriter Isabel Fryszberg’s footwear.,,The diverse collection of soles is exemplary of the variety of musical influences on Fryszberg’s new album Hearts and Arrows, with her band the Uncommons. The shoes may be for the feet, but her music, a blend of Carole King, the Band, Lucinda Williams and June Carter, is for the heart-- by Brian Baker

Isabel’s vocals are soft and beautiful like a nice warm blanket. Her lyrics are smart and well written. She also has a knack for composing songs. All of the songs on Hearts And Arrows are extremely well crafted and well produced Twagrilia reviewed by Harry Kaplan

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